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Global Talent, Simplified: Hire Your Perfect Match
All you need to do is select the ideal candidate from our thoroughly curated Global Talent Pool. We streamline the international recruitment process by eliminating any obstacles that come along the way.



Welcome to PLUS TALENT, where Global Talent meets borderless opportunities. We specialize in connecting top-tier talent with exceptional opportunities worldwide. Our unique offerings serve the needs of remote workers, providing a platform that crosses borders. Our diverse community of skilled professionals, where expertise knows no borders, and together, let's redefine the future of remote work. Join us in shaping the future of work, where distance is no longer a barrier to success.

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PLUS TALENT can provide companies with talented and appropriate remote talents quickly and at a competitive price, according to their needs, whether we can offer individuals or teams, to resolve their worker shortages. We also manage global teams, reducing HR tasks.

Remote Work Support

We provide all kinds of support to provide a comfortable remote work environment, such as office space and equipment.

Assist Your Business Growth

Our solutions not only help companies expand globally hassle-free, but also enable them to do at low cost.

Global HR Support

After hiring, professional local staff will handle all of your global team's HR tasks, such as on-boarding procedures, payroll, and attendance management.

Talent Matchmaking

We're good at finding talented workers from all over the world. We help businesses find the perfect match for their needs, making it easier to hire skilled workers.

About Our EOR

Benefits Of Partnering With EOR SERVICES

PLUS TALENT is not a typical EOR service provider. We solve all the questions and concerns that client have about global talent.

Be your Global HR Dept

Perform the roles of global HR department, including finding the proper people, signing employment contracts, paying salaries, and following up after hiring.

Cost Efficiency

In addition to handling complex issues, we will help to reduce costs by hiring competitively priced, talented personnel that we introduce.

Employment Compliance

Ensure adherence to employment regulations and comprehensive support to maintain compliance effortlessly.

Explore into Global Market

With our partnerships, Make your offices around the world and Bring your business to a global level.

Comparison Cost

Comparison of PLUS TALENT and other

By hiring from our extensive talent database, your company can slash labor costs by more than half. We offer full-time employment for all remote-capable positions. Including our service fee, administrative roles start from as low as $400 per month, while specialized positions such as engineers and designers can be secured from $800 per month. Harness the power of our talent pool to achieve unparalleled cost efficiency.


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PLUS TALENT: Global Talent Matching | EOR Platform
PLUS TALENT is a global employment outsourcing service that connects full-time remote workers (Remote Talents) in developing countries with companies in need of expertise.


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